Push Button Switch

Push button switches are power switches that utilize a function key to facilitate the actuator mechanism to open or close circuit breakers and static contacts, and to complete power circuit conversions. In automatic control circuits, it is used to manually push operation data signals to operate AC contactors, automotive relays, and electromagnetic induction starters.

The rapid growth of the consumer electronics industry has created a demand for high quality, advanced functionality and excellent user experience. Against this backdrop, metal push button switches serve as a key component that supports the design and performance of consumer electronics products.

Whether you are looking for reliable pushbutton switches for your machinery or electrical components for your electronic devices, our carefully crafted push button switches are your best choice. At Bulk Switch Marts, we offer a wide range of electronic push button switches to suit your needs. From momentary to latching, illuminated to non-illuminated, we have it all, and at unbeatable prices.

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