Reasons Why the Button Switch is Insensitive

The push button switch refers to a switch that uses a button to push the transmission mechanism to connect or disconnect the moving contact and the static contact and realize circuit switching. When the button is pressed, the switch closes and turns on, and when the pressure is removed, the switch turns off. Its internal structure relies on the force changes of the metal shrapnel to achieve opening or closing. In electrical automatic control circuits, it is used to manually send control signals to control contactors, electromagnetic starters, etc. There are also some precautions when using the push button switch, otherwise it will become insensitive.

1. When applying pressure to a push button switch, pay attention to how hard you press it. Don’t apply too much pressure. Otherwise, the electric switch may become stuck. Later, it will also have the effect of reducing switch sensitivity.

2.Do not press the push button switch too frequently, otherwise the internal components of the switch shrapnel will be worn. It will also cause the sensitivity of the switch shrapnel to decrease later.

3.When using the electronic button switch every day, please pay attention to the fact that there are no water droplets or water vapor on the surface of the button switch. Otherwise, if water enters the switch, moisture will affect the switch.

4.Every time the push button switch is pressed, the internal shrapnel will be subject to some wear to prevent excessive repetition of the switch. when a certain circuit breaker wear limit is reached, damage to the switch components will occur.

5.The performance of the shrapnel decreases, and short circuit leakage will also occur. If the human body comes into contact with it accidentally, it may cause some dangerous discharges and other hidden dangers.

Solution to button switch not lighting up

There are many push button switch function, so they are widely used in various industries, such as some CNC machine tools or machinery with obvious functional classifications. The switch caps of some push button switches are distinguished by different colors, and some more personalized switches add LED lights to the circuit under the switch cap. Push button switches with LEDs are generally called signal indicators.

In different electrical workplaces, the circuit control loop is very long, which may cause the signal indicator light to not light up. When such a problem occurs, we can solve it in the following ways:

1. Use a shielded wire for each indicator light, which is just not very beautiful.

2. Incorporate a small-capacity resistor between 0.01_0.22UF into the input and output ends of the line, and then connect a 100K_500K resistor in parallel to the input end. The operation is relatively inconvenient.

3. Add an RC circuit. Many contactor coils also have such a circuit connected in parallel at both ends, which functions to absorb the induced electromotive force. This is also a more reasonable solution.

4. A good solution is to install a resistor-capacitor absorber. The advantages of this are that it is simple, convenient, and very cheap.

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