What Are the Characteristics of Push Button Switches?

Push button switches are power switches that utilize function keys to facilitate the actuating mechanism to open or close circuit breakers and static contacts, and to accomplish power circuit conversions. In automatic control circuits, it is used to manually push operation data signals, and operate AC contactors, automotive relays, electromagnetic induction starters, etc.

What are the characteristics of push button switches:

① Rated value: generally refers to ensuring that the standard value is the characteristics and features of the power switch, such as rated voltage, rated current, etc., its standard (load type, current, operating voltage, frequency, etc.).

② The actual method of operation (self-locking/non-locking): After pressing the handle, the power switch’s locking position is called self-locking, and the non-locking position is called non-locking.

③ Grounding resistance: The resistance value between non-connected terminals, between each terminal and non-electrical metallic materials, and between each terminal and the ground.

④ Voltage resistance: Push button switch manufacturers are not likely to cause damage to the insulation layer after adding 1 minute of high voltage to the standard measurement site.

⑤ Circuit resistance: indicates the resistance of the contacts, but generally indicates the electrical conductor resistance, including torsion springs and terminals.

⑥ Vibration resistance: when using the wrong operation vibration push button switch, due to vibration closure contacts in excess of the required time does not separate the vibration range.

⑦ Shock resistance: durability impact is the push button switch in the transportation or installation process that is not susceptible to mechanical equipment impact provided by the various parts of the damage, and reaches the posture characteristics of the range of impact. Misoperation shock refers to the push button switch in excess of the required time and does not separate the scope of the impact.

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