What Is Push Button Switch and How a Push Button Switch Works

What Is Push button Switch?

Push button switch refers to the use of push buttons to promote the transmission mechanism so that the dynamic contacts and static contacts press through or disconnect and realize the circuit switching switch. Push button switch is a simple structure, widely used in the main electrical appliances. In the electrical automatic control circuit, it is used to manually send out control signals to control the contactor, relay, electromagnetic starter, and so on

Push button switches, also known as control buttons, are manual and generally can automatically reset low-voltage appliances. They are usually used in circuits to send start or stop commands to control the turn-on and turn-off of electrical coil currents in electromagnetic starters, contactors, relays, and other appliances.

A push button switch is a kind of press that action, release that reset used to connect and break the small current circuit of electrical appliances. Generally used for AC and DC voltage of 440V or less, the current is less than 5A control circuit. Generally, it does not directly manipulate the main circuit, can also be used in the interconnection circuit.

In practice, in order to prevent misuse, usually make different marks on the button or painted in different colors to distinguish between the colors red, yellow, blue, white, black, green and so on. General red means “stop” or “dangerous” and green means “start” or “on”. Emergency stop buttons must be red mushroom head buttons. Push buttons must have a metal protective retaining ring that is higher than the push button cap to prevent accidental touching of the push button which could result in malfunction. The material of the push button plate and the push button box where the push button is mounted must be metal and connected to the machine’s main ground bus. Explore Bulk Switch Marts extensive collection of push button switches, including various types and sizes.

How Does a Push Button Switch Work

Push button switches have many kinds of structures, which can be divided into ordinary snap button type, mushroom head type, self-locking, self-resetting, rotary handle type, indicator type, with light symbol type and key type, etc. Push button switch is generally a waterlogged structure, composed of the button cap, reset spring, static contacts, moving contacts and shell, etc. It is usually made of composite, with a pair of normally closed contacts and normally open contacts. Some products can be connected in series through a number of components to increase the number of pairs of contacts. There is also a self-holding button that automatically maintains the closed position when pressed and opens when the power is off.

If the button is not pressed, the moving contact is connected to the static contact above, and this pair of contacts is called a normally closed contact. At this time, the moving contact is disconnected from the following static contact, and this pair of contacts is called a normally open contact. Press the button, the normally closed contact is opened, and the normally open contact is closed. Release the button and return to the original working state under the action of the return spring.

Push Button Switch Types

  • Protected button switch: A button with a protective shell that can prevent the internal button parts from being mechanically damaged or people touching the live parts.
  • Normally-open switch: Under normal conditions, the switch contact is a button that connects.
  • Normally-closed switch: Under normal conditions, the switch contact is a button that is disconnected.
  • On and off button switch: Under normal conditions, the switch contacts are both on and off.
  • Illuminated button switch: The button is equipped with a signal light, which in addition to issuing operating commands, also serves as a signal indication.
  • Explosion-proof button switch: A button that can be used in places containing explosive gases and dust without causing explosions.
  • Anti-corrosion button switch: It can prevent the intrusion of chemical corrosive gases.
  • Waterproof button switch: with a sealed shell to prevent rainwater from intruding.
  • Emergency button switch: There is a large red mushroom button head protruding from the outside, which can be used as a button to cut off the power supply in an emergency.
  • Open button switch: A button that can be embedded and fixed on the panel of a switch board, control cabinet or console.
  • Interlocking button switch: A button with multiple contacts interlocking with each other.
  • Knob button switch: rotate the handle to operate the contact. There are two positions for on and off, usually a panel-mounted button.
  • Key button switch: A button that is operated by inserting and rotating a key to prevent misoperation or to be operated by a dedicated person.
  • Self-holding button switch: A button with a self-holding electromagnetic mechanism inside the button.
  • Combination button switch: A button with a combination of multiple buttons.

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